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About Christy Brannon

Born and bred amidst the vibrant neighborhoods of Atlanta, my journey in real estate spans over a decade, coinciding with the dynamic shifts of Georgia's property markets. Growing up in Conyers, I ventured through the diverse landscapes of several metro counties, eventually settling in Gwinnett County to raise my own family.

Having witnessed the ebb and flow of real estate since 2008, I bring a wealth of experience navigating varied market conditions. Whether it's the highs of booming markets or the strategic opportunities in challenging times, I've honed my expertise to ensure my clients' time and investments are well-respected.

Beyond professional commitments, my heart remains tethered to family and community. A pivotal moment called me back to Conyers/Covington in 2011, where I dedicated myself to caring for my father. This experience deepened my understanding of the importance of home and family, fuelling my passion for guiding others through their real estate journeys.

Today, with my children and their families rooted in Gwinnett County, I find immense joy and fulfillment in helping others discover their perfect place in this beautiful region. My approach is simple yet steadfast: I value my clients' time and money as if it were my own, ensuring every step in the real estate process is purposeful and rewarding.

I eagerly look forward to connecting with you, leveraging my local knowledge and market insight to make your real estate endeavors in Georgia a seamless and rewarding experience.

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